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PreSchool-8th Grade


Our Program

    Saint Joseph University Parish provides a Religious Education program for children from preschool through   eighth grade. The men and women who serve as the children’s catechists build upon what the primary educators,   the parents, have taught by word and example.

       The program provides learning experiences designed to help the young people of the parish understand the     Catholic Christian faith, grow personally in their faith lives, develop a personal relationship with Jesus, and deepen   a sense of belonging to the church. Opportunities for community building through various services, projects and   special liturgical celebrations are important aspects of this process.

     Parishioners are welcome and encouraged to participate in the Religious Education Program by sharing their   individual gifts. Ways in which adults can contribute to the faith education of our children, are:                     

       Parent helper/monitor      
                    Catechist for Children’s Liturgy of the Word                  

   Providing help with arts and crafts

* Please Consider becoming a Catechist we are in need of new volunteers! * 

Contact Us

113 S. 5th St. Terre Haute, IN 47807 


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